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Your sign is your identity. Your sign maker needs to be capable of creating and printing original signs that grab the attention of your customers. That’s why people choose Sign Heroes.

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Don't assume people know where you are or how to find you. The general rule of good signage is keep it simple and assume nothing. Just because you are on a busy street or to you it seems obvious where the dressing room or car park might be, does not mean everyone will find it. Customers are hard to come by so you want to make thier experience as enjoyable and pain free as possible so they return..lots! Portable wayfinding and internal/external signs are simple and cost effective.


Many establishments now have a requirement to have wayfinding in many different forms. For instance if you have hazordous materials on your premises they must be identified. Some establishments must also display wayfinding in braille. Exit signs must have illumination where appropriate and restricted personnel signs may be needed depending on the business.

Whatever the problem is we can help to solve it. We do not manufacture specialist signs in house such as braille, but we can work with you to provide a solution. We will focus on your signs and graphics so you can focus on your customers!